Bad Parents

Because every parent is a Bad Parent sometimes.

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Parenting in the real world.
This community is for parents to connect and talk about the more difficult parts of parenting, the things we wonder if we're doing "wrong", the feelings of "remind me again WHY I'm doing this?", and in general the things that make us sometimes want to wear T-shirts that say "I'm a Bad Parent."

Ever bribe the kid with something sweet? Ever decided that a toy that's just fallen on the floor is "pretty much clean enough"? Ever give the kid infant tylenol before bedtime "just in case she gets cranky because she might be teething" while you're also thinking about how it'll probably help her --and you-- get some sleep? Ever get to the point of wanting to toss the little animal out the window (or wanting to hop out yourself)?

If you've ever had to take care of a kid, you know what we're talking about here: it's the stuff parents don't usually talk about. The stuff that makes you feel like you're being a Bad Parent. Well, now there's a place for talking about it, if you want, just so you know you're not the only one (because you aren't).

Please bring your respect, humor, compassion, support, and openness; leave your judgements at the door.

To be approved for membership, you MUST have your age, something relating to how you are some form of parent-type person (biological, step, adopted, legal guardian, nanny, etc.), and NOT be a member of any notorious snark communities. If you are not accepted and feel this decision was made in error, please comment on an open mod post. Thanks!

Rules of the game:
--This is not the place to incite drama over different parenting techniques or styles ie breast or bottle, CIO, etc, etc, civil debate is welcome.

--Personal attacks will not be tolerated, offenders will be given one warning and the second offense will result in being banned.

--You will be deleted without warning for linking posts to other communities for malicious purposes (snarking members anywhere on lj) and that goes for publicly harrassing other members in their or your personal journals.

--This is not the place for posts that involve first person accounts of illegal acts of child abuse or other such heinous acts will also be automatically deleted, this just isn't the place for that, please seek professional help!

--We also ask that you do not disallow comments or freeze comments in your posts.

--If you see a problem in one of your posts please contact one of the mods with appropriate links to handle it.

--All pictures behind a cut, as well as long posts.

--Irrelevant spamming (not related to parents)is not welcome.

--If you are posting news stories of acts of child abuse/neglect please put the entire post behind a cut with text reading "News Story: Child Abuse"

If there are any problems, please email bad.parents.mods@gmail.com,if you choose to make a post about it to incite more drama, you will also be warned/banned depending on each individual situation.

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